SELf EXPRESS: A SEL program for primary schools

Spontaneity. Integration. Drama. Music. Change.

The Musical Sprouts SELf EXPRESS program for primary schools integrates music, drama and whole-body learning to teach the curriculum areas of Personal and Social Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking and Intercultural Understanding.

SELf EXPRESS caters to K - 6 students with these opportunities:

1. A musical theatre show LIVE: 'Yella and the Feeling Flower: For K - 6 students

2. Experiential Workshops: A K - 3 resource that draws on the show to teach the SEL curriculum using drama, music and play-based teaching techniques.

3. Choosical: A Grade 4 - 6 program where participants 'choose their own musical adventure' by choosing a theme to explore in a workshop series and dramatise with music for a live performance of the learning outcomes.

SELf EXPRESS engages the child's imagination so the learning is a byproduct of having fun. Under expert guidance, children are encouraged to explore SEL concepts through arts-based activities to achieve child-led discovery and a deeper understanding of SEL concepts.




A musical journey through feelings. Themes include diversity, friendship and social & emotional awareness.


  • 6 - 8 Workshops, 1 Term
  • Live facilitation with show characters
  • SEL themes
  • Curriculum-based content


  • Students explore a chosen theme with experiential workshops, drama and music
  • 16 Workshops, 2 Terms
  • Curriculum-based content
  • Live performance outcome


A half-day workshop showing teachers how to implement the program and use the creative tools for behaviour management

The Full SELf EXPRESS Experience.

A program for primary schools that integrates SEL with drama, music and child-led discovery.

01 Easy to Implement

Designed in consultation with a performing arts teacher, The SELf EXPRESS program will cover your SEL, Critical and Creative Thinking and Drama and Music curriculum.

02 Imagination As Entry Point

The program starts with a live theatre experience suitable for K - 6 students that features relatable, diverse characters facing challenges familiar to children.

03 Challenges like...

  • Feeling scared, embarrassed and envious
  • Being different
  • Not understanding emotions
  • Not sure how to help a friend
  • Getting stuck in a feeling

04 Relatability Builds Trust

After watching the musical, the children will feel a natural connection with the Musical Sprouts characters and a familiarity with the concepts they'll be exploring. Warmed up and ready to learn.

05 Workshops? Playshops

Led by the Musical Sprouts characters live or via short videos, the students participate in activities based on neuroscience research that engage their whole bodies in the learning.

06 Tools for Teachers

Within the show there are 4 props that are popular tools in psychodrama to assist with behavioural management. We will show you how to use them so you can implement creativity into your teaching with confidence.


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Bridget a'Beckett: Co-Founder

Composer / Writer / Performer

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About Bridget and Sharni

Sharni Page: Co-Founder

Psychotherapist / Writer / Performer


"It is children who will be most exposed to COVID-19’s long-term economic and social consequences and effects on individual wellbeing – for better and for worse". Save The Children 2020

The Musical Sprouts Co-Founders bring expertise in psychotherapy and creative arts to the real issue of mental health in children. Their content is designed to help parents and teachers grow social emotional skills in children that will help them rise to the challenges of a modern world.


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Musical Sprouts specialise in helping children understand abstract SEL concepts by encouraging the creative exploration of ideas, both as an audience member and an active participant in their educational programs.

What Makes the SELf EXPRESS Program Special?

  • It turns Social Emotional Learning into a musical, play-based experience
  • It puts evidence-based therapy techniques in the classroom
  • Enables students to practise overcoming obstacles that arise in 'real life'
  • It builds on the foundations of existing SEL, SWPB & Respectful Relationships programs

What The Teachers Say...

"I love the way you use the creative arts to teach children about feelings... I particularly loved the drawings of the feelings so children could relate to it"

- Celie, Primary Teacher

The workshops initiated thoughtful conversations amongst our students and a deeper understanding of the impact of emotions on themselves and others.

- Belle, Primary Teacher

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